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dreamstime_l_34254289Alarming Health Trends: 

-More than 1/3 of American adults are clinically obese.

-Childhood obesity has climbed to almost 20% in the United States.

-Micronutrient deficiencies impact roughly 1/3 of the the world’s population with grave, often life-ending consequences.

-By 2050, 1 in 3 US adults are expected to develop type 2 diabetes.

-70% of Americans are on a prescription drug; over 50% take 2 or more drugs.

-Cardiovascular disease and cancer are the leading causes of death in the US, and continue to claim the lives of loved ones.

What can we do to reverse these declining health trends? How can we stay healthy while living life to our fullest potential?

The answers to these questions are not simple. However, we have far more control over our health than we are led to believe. This control stems from the processes of education, action, and optimizing our vitality.

What exactly does this mean? Well, a good place to start is through improving dietary choices, managing stress, utilizing effective exercise strategies, and implementing positive mindset techniques.

Everyone has their own unique, deeply personal relationship with their body, mind, and spirit. When some aspect of our physical, mental, and/or emotional health is out of balance, we are unable to thrive.

Through my own struggles to stay healthy, I have cultivated a passion for the value of one’s health. For this reason, I am grateful for my journey, and for this space to share my knowledge with you! Please feel free to contact me below with further questions:

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